Plantar wart is caused by the exact same kind of fungus that causes warts in your fingers and toes.

Effective Natural Remedies For Plantar Wart

But because of their position, they can also be extremely painful. Plantar warts are very small growths that usually appear on your heels or any other weight-bearing area of the feet.

Plantar wart is caused due to the virus, which infects the plantar fascia, a fibrous band that runs from the heel bone to toes. This infection can occur anywhere on your body but its most prominent occurrence is on feet. The plantar wart is not only painful but it can also cause severe and permanent damage to your feet and ankles. You should know that you are not alone as plantar wart is one of the most common foot infections.

Plantar wart is very difficult to detect and treat. To identify this, you have to look out for two features. Plantar wart is often painless, so you need to go to a doctor who will perform an examination.

Effective Natural Remedies For Plantar Wart

He will do a skin biopsy of the affected area. A blood test is also conducted which will tell whether you have the disease or not.

Treatment for plantar wart is done with over the counter medicines, which are available from local pharmacy near to your home. However, there are times when these medicines do not work properly as some of these medicines are harsh on the skin and can cause further problems. Hence, if you want to treat plantar wart without affecting your health too badly, you should always opt for natural treatment.

Plantar wart cure is not much difficult as compared to others. In fact, there are several books and manuals available online which will help you get rid of plantar wart in no time. However, if you are looking for an effective natural treatment for plantar wart then you can also choose herbal treatments. These remedies are easy to use and are safe enough to be used daily.

One of the most effective plantar wart cure is to apply garlic on affected area regularly.

Effective Natural Remedies For Plantar Wart

You can either eat the fresh garlic cloves of garlic or crush fresh garlic and apply it on the wart. Or you can even apply the peeled garlic cloves of garlic on affected area. You can also consume crushed garlic and take garlic capsules daily or drink garlic tea.

Another effective plantar wart cure is apple cider vinegar. You can rub the affected area with apple cider vinegar as well. For best results you can apply the juice of a fresh apple on the wart after applying the vinegar and leave it for sometime. Then you can wash off the solution with warm water.

If you are unable to find a plantar wart cure in books or on the internet, you can use garlic oil or garlic paste in order to treat plantar wart. Simply apply the paste on the affected area and the affected part with a cotton ball.

Applying vitamin E on plantar wart cure is also an effective remedy.

Effective Natural Remedies For Plantar Wart

Apply vitamin E on the affected part with a cotton ball or bandage and cover it with gauze. Leave the paste for a day and then remove it. The wart will heal faster as compared to other plantar wart cures.

Another plantar wart cure is applying yogurt on the affected area with a cotton ball. The affected area can also be covered with bandages. You can also consume yogurt every day as part of your daily diet to treat plantar wart.

Another natural plantar wart cure is using baking soda and cotton. You can dip cotton balls on the affected area and place them on the affected area of plantar wart or plantar warts.

Another plantar wart cure is using tea tree oil on the affected area. This can also be used on the affected area and can be applied in the affected area with a cotton ball.