Surrogacy refers to the act of impregnating a woman with the sperm of one man and bearing a child in her husband or father’s uterus.

Preparing to Become a Surrogate

Surrogate mothers can be women who wish to have a child and become pregnant, or surrogate mothers who have their own fertility problem and want to be inseminated with donor sperm. In either case, a legal contract is made between the surrogates, the prospective parents and the doctor who will perform the procedure, and the gestational surrogate is expected to provide the necessary medical treatment to give birth to the child conceived.

Surrogacy is typically an arrangement, which generally supports a contract, where the woman agrees to bear a child agrees to do so in exchange for financial or material support from the prospective parents. The agreement usually states that the surrogate will have an opportunity to meet with the prospective parents before, during and after the procedure.

Preparing to Become a Surrogate

She will be informed of the intended gender and the intended race and ethnicity, and any medical condition or health history of the child, if any. The intended parents will also need to tell her whether they want to have a boy or a girl and the sex of the newborn baby.

The surrogate may also be told the intended gender of the potential child’s health. This will depend on the doctor’s evaluation and information provided by the surrogate regarding the gender and the baby’s health. It is essential that both the gestational surrogate and the potential parents make the decision regarding the sex of the baby before the procedure is performed, as the child could be born with only one sex (heterosexuality) or the other (heterosexuality and a preference for the other gender).

The doctor will evaluate the physical and emotional condition of the gestational surrogate, and she will be evaluated by the gestational surrogate mother as well.

Preparing to Become a Surrogate

If there is a concern about the health of the surrogate or her ability to carry out the procedure, the doctor will discuss it with the surrogate and the gestational surrogate mother. The surrogate is responsible for providing all necessary information and medical tests. If the doctor determines that there is a possibility that the surrogate should not be allowed to have the procedure, it will be his or her responsibility to inform the surrogate of the recommendation.

The surrogate can expect to be reimbursed for costs related to the procedure, including: hospital stays, travel expenses, and any costs associated with transporting the gestational surrogate to and from the hospital, including food, lodging, etc. A doctor will determine the cost of any other tests, if needed.

Preparing to Become a Surrogate

if they are ordered. The gestational surrogate mother will be expected to cover transportation to the hospital and for a minimum of 48 hours.

In some cases, the gestational surrogate may be required to pay some or all of the cost of the procedures. This would include travel time, hospital charges and any doctor fees, if applicable. The gestational surrogate will need to show documentation of insurance in order to cover these costs.

The gestational surrogate can request that an account be set up with the gestational surrogate mother’s bank for reimbursement of the costs and associated expenses.

Preparing to Become a Surrogate

Surrogates must understand and comply with all terms and conditions in the agreement. It is in her best interest to consult a lawyer before signing anything because sometimes this is not possible. The surrogate should be aware that certain conditions cannot be waived and cannot be paid for by the gestational surrogate’s insurance plan.

There are certain things that the surrogate should know when choosing the right gestational surrogate, including her age, race and ethnicity, the gender, the number of children being hoped for and if she is able to become pregnant naturally and ovulate regularly. Surrogacy can be a risky process, but if the surrogate mother is prepared to take on the responsibility and the risk, she can be assured that she will be rewarded with a healthy pregnancy.