When it comes to hyperphagia, excessive is not always a bad thing.

What Is Polyphagia and How to Treat It

Sometimes, food is the only solution. At other times, hyperphagia is the result of an unhealthy diet. In some situations, a rise in appetite can be seen in conditions such as diabetes, bulimia and hyperthyroidism.

People with hypothyroidism have difficulty digesting or absorbing the food that they eat, so their body releases more than enough hormones to compensate. The more the thyroid hormone levels rise, the more food that can be digested and absorbed. This can cause overeating quickly. Hyperphagia on the other hand, occurs when the body releases too many hormones. When this happens, you may not be able to control your urges to eat as much.

Some people do not suffer from excessive appetite. They can control themselves easily when eating. If you are the opposite of these people, then your food cravings are harder to control.

Over-eating can be a symptom of a more serious condition, especially if the person who is suffering from it is not getting enough sleep.

What Is Polyphagia and How to Treat It

When people eat too much in too little time, the body will try to use as much energy as possible. When this happens, more fat is burned, which leads to more calories being ingested. This in turn leads to weight gain and increased health risks. You can reduce over-eating by getting enough sleep. In addition to that, you should get exercise regularly as well.

Many people suffering from hyperphagia are usually not overweight or underweight, but they have food cravings all the time. In fact, people suffering from the condition have been known to gorge themselves during a meal. However, when they eat, they often choose greasy foods because they are easy to eat with just one bite. Some people have even claimed to have eaten food just because they like its texture.

Foods like chocolate and potato chips, spicy foods, cakes, ice cream and cookies can make a person eat more than normal. While this does not lead to obesity, eating in excess can lead to a lack of control.

What Is Polyphagia and How to Treat It

After eating a large amount of these types of foods, the person will feel hungry and then crave for more. This can trigger an urge to eat even more.

Some of the symptoms of polyphagia include: difficulty controlling one’s urges to eat and have a full feeling even after eating just a few bites of food. Another symptom of this condition includes rapid heartbeats, increased sweating and anxiety. Although there is no evidence to suggest that these symptoms are a sign of heart disease, they should be checked out by a doctor. These can be indicators of other serious conditions. When eating, people tend to forget to eat small amounts of food or overeat. They will eat more food when hungry, but do not feel full and they will eat in large quantities.

Overweight individuals are more likely to be diagnosed with this condition, but it is not a serious condition and may be treated with therapy and dieting. In some severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Hypothyroidism can also cause this condition.

What Is Polyphagia and How to Treat It

If you have any concerns, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

There are several ways to stop food consumption and increase the amount of food that you eat. When trying to control food intake, many people are tempted to give up, but there are some natural ways to help them control the urge to overeat. Eating a healthy diet is one way of doing that. The food that you eat should contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, which will help you feel full for longer periods of time. Healthy foods can include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein.

The proper diet can also help regulate the levels of serotonin, another neurotransmitter in the brain. This hormone regulates the appetite. If you have too much serotonin levels in your body, it can result in over-eating.

Eating in moderation is also important. As long as you do not binge on food and eat in small portions, you can control the amount of food that you consume. When you eat unhealthy foods, it can lead to poor health and eventually weight gain.